The Benefits

Alnwick is currently served by a range of shopping facilities, including Alnwick Town Centre, and stores on the other side of Willowburn Avenue.


However, many residents of Alnwick and the surrounding area travel much further afield to other town centres and retail parks (e.g. at Metrocentre and Silverlink) on a regular basis to do their shopping. As the population of the area grows, there is a need to continue to improve facilities in the town, to meet the needs of local residents and reduce the need to travel to more distant foodstores, other shops and services.

The Alnwick and Denwick Neighbourhood Plan acknowledges that the Town Centre is unlikely to attract larger retail chains, and that some out of centre development on the south side of the town may be necessary, in order to widen consumer choice.


The proposed development would result in a range of benefits for the local area, as set out below.



Creating 90 full-time equivalent jobs, as well as construction employment

Giving residents a greater choice in shopping facilities.

Enhancing the retail facilities available to local residents

Reducing the need to travel further afield for shopping

Incorporating a range of energy, water and waste efficiency features

Including provision for sustainable transport modes